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Utilising New Ground breaking discoveries into subconscious emotional buying behaviors, to deliver the Worlds Fastest and most Accurate Business Innovation and Improvement System…

Emotigraphic Market Research.

Unique applications to tap into your customers’ emotional subconscious mind to discover your fastest and most accurate strategies for rapid innovation and explosive business growth…

Emotigraphic Training.

Delivering powerful Sales, Marketing and Customers Service skills to create stronger more positive emotional connections with your customers to boost sales and customer loyalty…

Emotigraphic Marketing.

Powerful emotional online and offline lead generation and sales funnel systems to drive a tidal wave of new customers to you who will be prepared to pay a premium for what you do...

New discoveries delivers accelerated Innovation...

Nexus Innovation helps Business Owners, CEOs and Mangers achieve rapid transformation and improvement through the delivery of our proprietary customer centric Emotigraphic© innovation programs and services.

These unique solutions are based on a world first research study into consumer perception and subconscious emotional buying triggers. This ground breaking research and the subsequent Emotigraphics© tools allows businesses to gain unparalleled insight into their customers’ emotional wants, needs and desires.  And then facilitates the creation of entirely new products, services and business offerings to exploit newly identified market opportunities faster and more accurately than any other system available in the market today.

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Nexus officially partners with CCIQ

posted by admin

Nexus Innovation officially partners with CCIQ - Chamber of Commerce Industry Queensland. We are very proud to announce Nexus Innovation has officially partnered with CCIQ - Chamber of Commerce Industry Queensland, as their official Innovation and Business Development training and consultancy delivery partner....

Video: What is Emotigraphics & Emotional Subconscious Buying Triggers

posted by admin

Background on the Emotigraphic research and how does it apply to your business. Watch it now!!! What is Emotigraphics & Subconscious Emotion Buying Trigers?

Why more people don’t do business with you!

posted by admin

New discoveries into consumer subconscious emotional buying triggers forms the foundations to Nexus Innovation’s accelerated business innovation programs. Our ability to assist businesses create rapid innovation and business improvement is founded from a ground breaking research study conducted on over 5000...

our Services

  • Brand & Image Development

    The ultimate goal of a Brand is to assist to create trust and loyalty that is so strong that when a customer or a prospect is faced with a purchase decision, your business is at the top of the list. A strong brand aligns in perfect harmony with your business’s industry phenomenology, style, processes, vision, values, ethics and sophistication and should subsequently convey the confidence that your product or service will consistently meet or exceed your customers’ expectations.

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  • The Automated Lead Generation System is your ultimate sales person

    Lead Generation & Follow Up Marketing Collateral Materials

    As either stand alone services or dovetailing into your Shock and Awe package are the Nexus Offline Lead Generation and Follow Up Marketing collateral materials. These include a complete lead generation funnel to lead your prospects into requesting your Shock & Awe Package.

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  • Offline Lead Generation & Sales Funnels

    Stunning Perception-Influencing and Educational Multi-Media Offline Marketing Package revolutionises everything you ever thought about what a sales brochure should be…

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  • Customized Social Media Solution

    Social media is now widely accepted as commonplace with nearly every business’s marketing and media strategy. Yet to cut through the clutter of competition and create a strategy that will actually drive more customers to your business and help with your innovation process requires a more careful and considered strategy and approach. We will help you develop a strategy that will do exactly that, then build your customized Facebook Page and help you set up and integrate Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Google Places.

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  • Online Lead Generation& Sales Funnels

    Customised Website PLUS Powerful Traffic Generation And Search Engine Ranking Domination.

    The essence of having a profitable online presence is a website that attracts hordes of good quality traffic, can capture that traffic as it passes through the site and can convert them into paying customers now or in the future.

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  • Strategic Sales, Marketing & Innovation Consultancy & Coaching

    What Do Michael Clarke, Tiger Woods, Tony Robbins, and Bill Gates all have in common?

    They all have ‘coaches’ to help them point out the things in their game that they’d probably never be able to see on their own! Just like a fish in water — after a while — the fish forgets that he’s actually in water. Same with a bird flying through the air… after a while… the bird doesn’t even know that the air exists. And after a while… the same thing happens to you — where you start to overlook things you’re doing in your business and you don’t even know it!

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  • Emotigrahic Training & Workshops

    Once you’ve identified you have areas within you business that requires innovation and improvement you need to raise your team members to a new level of thinking and skill level through expedient education and training programs. This process is vital on may levels but most importantly, it will get your team involved and give them ownership in the new and exciting innovation process.

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  • Emotigraphic Market Research

    Your Customer relationships are key to the success of your business.

    Are your customers happy or satisfied? Do you know how your customers feel about your Image and Ambience, Process and Delivery, Products and Services or Customer Service?

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The Most Silent And Deadly Threat Most Business Face Today…

… is falling in to the ‘ME-TOO’ trap. Having no defining point of difference or Unique Selling Proposition (USP) means your business is just one of the many, forced to...

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The Best Businesses In The World All Did One Thing In Common That Launched Them To Stardom…

Think of some of today’s most successful businesses: Apple, Google, Facebook, McDonalds and Microsoft,all these companies amazing successes can all be attributed to one thing…

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New Discoveries Into Customers Subconscious Buying Behaviours Now Give You The Same Power…

But now thanks to a number of new ground-breaking discoveries into customers’ subconscious emotional buying decisions, even the little guy can access the same innovation and improvement processes...

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Any business coach,consultant, seminar or marketing book can show you many ways to bring a few more clients through you door, but if your not connecting with your customers on all of these key Subconscious Emotigraphic Drivers, any improvement will be temporary and short lived..

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Emotigraphcs is your Fastest and most Accturate path to business SUCCESS,
Financial SECURITY and FREEDOM… Guaranteed!

It may even help you to discover the world’s next Facebook or iPhone!

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Mark & Lisa Saunders

You need to know this thing is massive! This was the missing link in our business. I keep telling people I meet in business to see this stuff that will blow their mind!

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